Career Oriented Six Months Industrial Training:

Just like writers need to shut themselves in and dancers need to dance their hearts out to get the best out of them, software developers need a constructive and a suitable environment to construct and develop web applications, mobile applications or desktop applications. To successfully build an application, software developers adopt one among the many programming languages. Smart Serve Infotech is providing a wide and diverse range of software development training sessions under the umbrella of our 6 months and 6 weeks industrial training programs. We are offering industrial training for B. Tech, M. Tech, BCA, MCA and BSc.IT. Industrial training is that one key aspect that effectively helps in designing the career of students and freshers. Let us work together to give you the best platform to accelerate in your career.

The Best Of Us:

  • Most of our training programs are associated with live projects so that you get a better understanding of things and convenience is enhanced.
  • We are up – to – date because of the sole reason that technology demands you to be that way. As a result, the courses offered by us are the ones that are in demand and latest.
  • We believe in theoretical knowledge but also feel that practical knowledge is equally necessary. Thus, 50% of our training programs give emphasis on labs.
  • We guarantee you an expert and certified staff.
  • Our program is incorporated with the top IT companies.
  • Guidance and preparation for interviews as well as soft skill training.
  • In order to bridge the gap between experience offered by industries and academic learning, SSI provides real industry exposure to it's candidates.
  • We appreciate extra – curricular activities like sports, cultural festivals and job related fests.
  • Need a boost up and some healthy criticism? We are here!
  • We arrange industrial visits on a regular basis to enhance corporate interactions.
  • Technology being our forte, how could we not incorporate online sessions and webinars?
  • We are choosy when it comes to selecting a group of professionals to deliver lectures and carry out technical workshops.
  • Career counseling sessions and guest lectures are conducted by expert counselors and renowned guests.

Following is our area of expertise:

  • iPhone
    We deliver lectures and teach you the ins and outs of the iPhone App Development Programming. We make sure you have the necessary knowledge of its accessibility.
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  • Android
    All the information about Android programming is facilitated and conveyed to you by Google certified tutors that hold a vast industry experience.

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  • .NET
    Study the theory behind .NET framework and gain hands – on knowledge about all the latest trends in technology.
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  • PHP
    Make yourself well equipped and capable of building dynamic websites and independent powerful applications.
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  • Java
    Become the master and that know – it – all person when it comes to the most globally used modern technology, Java.
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  • Graphic & Web Design (GWD)
    Master the skill of coding and designing for all known and responsive websites.
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